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Clumsea is a small fun game created in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 33. The theme was "You are the monster".
As a giant sea animal, you have to make your way home to the ocean. But be careful, don't destroy everything trying to reach your goal !
Made in Unity 5. Powered by Fmod.

Controls :
WASD or Arrow Keys to move your character
Mouse to move the camera
Space bar / Enter to validate in the menus
ESC or R to restart the level

Version 1.0 :
Version 1.0 is the Jam version. No menu, no victory condition.
Version 1.1 :
Version 1.1 is the version we release a few hours after the deadline. You can choose one at of the two characters, in game tutorial, victory and defeat conditions. More things to destroy. You also have some bugs coming with it ! But they are awesome, trust us ! Version 1.1 is not available anymore.
Version 1.2 :
Version 1.2 is the latest version of the game, released 1 day after the Ludum Dare 33 deadline. It feature all the 1.1 upgrades, but without the bugs. The game runs a lot faster on all machines too.

Team :
Code by Cyril Savary, Julien Delample
Game Design by Mathieu Labelle
Art by Romain Renault, Arthur Maugendre, Arthur Pin
Sound Design by TomAvatars


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Clumsea_Build1.0_LudumDare 45 MB
Clumsea_1.2_WINDOWS 46 MB
Clumsea1.2_MAC.zip 57 MB
Clumsea_Build_1.2_LINUX.zip 52 MB
Clumsea OUJEVIPO version 38 MB